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--- Comment #8 from Reuben Green <reubengreen73 at gmail.com> ---
So following helpful input from alexxcons and some other devs, I have tried a
few experiments and come up with some ideas. See my following comments for
pictures (apologies for multiple comments, bugzilla does not seem to support
multiple pictures in one comments).

So just to recap, we want this dialog to contain three buttons (cancel, close
tab, close window) and a checkbox where the user can opt not to see the dialog
again. We would also like this dialog to be somewhat reusable between xfce
applications, so it would be good to either use an existing libxfce4ui dialog
(perhaps with some small modifications) or extend libxfce4ui, by adding a
function "xfce_dialog_confirm_close_multiple_tabs" (or whatever).

One potential model for this dialog is the corresponding dialog in
xfce4-terminal, show in the image C-from-xfce4-terminal.png below (and it would
be good if eventually xfce4-teminal and thunar were to have the same dialog for
consistency). Note that the xfce4-terminal dialog does not use libxfce4ui - it
is created using the gtkdialog interface directly.

The simplest option would be to use xfce_message_dialog_new from libxfce4ui to
make a dialog with all the buttons and then add a checkbox to this. This
results in the dialog shown in the image A-with-libxfce4ui.png below. Note how
the icon for the dialog is below the text here, not to the left as in the
xfce4-terminal dialog.

To me the dialog in A-with-libxfce4ui.png looks OK, but I think the
xfce4-terminal dialog looks better with the icon to the left of the text (of
course if other people think A-with-libxfce4ui.png looks good then I'm happy to
go with this option). If we wanted to have it look like the xfce4-terminal
dialog, we would either need to not use libxfce4ui or else implement a new
function in libxfceui as mentioned above with this icon positioning. However,
implementing a new libxfce4ui function with this icon placement would be
inconsistent with the icon placement used by xfce_message_dialog_new, and
consistency is good in libraries.

If we were to just implement this dialog using gtkdialog directly, we could
make it look however we liked, for example like the dialog in the image
B-no-libxfce4ui.png below, which I've made to look like other common thunar
dialog boxes, and also like the dialog box from xfce4-notifyd shown in the
image D-from-notifyd.png, which was mentioned by another dev as a possible
point of comparison (like xfce4-terminal, the xfce4-notify dialog uses the
gtkdialog interface directly rather than libxfce4ui).

So what do we think?

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