[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15783] Bug? or feature request: add possibility to show only icons/titles in xfce4-session-logout window

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--- Comment #3 from Simon Steinbeiss <ochosi at xfce.org> ---
I wouldn't say this is a bug, it's a general problem you can run into with any
GUI element that contains text and can be translated.

1) In theory we could restrain the text width by enabling ellipsizing, but that
may also lead to suboptimal results.
2) One fix would be to ask your translator to find a more concise translation
for the logout options.
3) We could add the options you ask for. Not sure if that isn't a little
overkill though, because the thing you complain about is just about aesthetics,
whereas as a distributor I would never-ever enable that option to hide the
text, because it can cause serious accessibility issues.

Personally I'd prefer 2), but I don't know Russian so I don't know if that's

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