[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15816] xfce4-display-settings segfaults.

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Wed Aug 14 08:12:55 CEST 2019


--- Comment #5 from Christian Herold <chris.herold at mailbox.org> ---
> I also use Arch, but I can't reproduce this crash. Do you have an external monitor plugged? The crash happens when a single monitor is in use?

Yes there are two external monitors connected.

> Can you crash xfce4-display-settings without opening it in Settings Manager?

When I make a fresh boot and start the display settings using Settings Manager,
it works well for the first time.
But when I close the display-settings and try again to open using Settings
Manager, then it is not working.

> Backtraces (gdb) would be helpful, if they are too long, please attach a file.

Could I build the display-manager standalone?

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