[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15758] Quit confirmation message when multiple tabs are open

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Fri Aug 9 22:38:24 CEST 2019


--- Comment #5 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
Nice ! Thanks for the patch!

The feature works fine for me!

Regarding the dialog window: For consistency I would prefer to have the same
dialog than for xfce4-terminal. (Or do we have even more multi-tab applications
in xfce ?)

I dont think we should have a preferences checkbox for that feature. (Trying
not to put too much stuff into the preferences)
(If so, I would add the checkbox to the above heading "tabs instead of new
windows" instead of giving it a own heading to safe some space )

If we could re-use the xfce4-terminal dialog "dont ask again" checkbox, imo it
would be sufficient to toggle the setting via the xfce4-settings-editor

I know that it would be alot of work to first port the dialog from
xfce4-terminal to xfce4ui (and make it re-usable at all) and than use it in
thunar .. whats is your impression on that ?

I will as well ask AndreLDM for his opinion on it. (Next week, since probably
this weekend he will be busy with releasing xfce4.14)

In every case: Thanks for your contribution, it is very welcome !

A very minor thing: The patch adds some whitespaces
.git/rebase-apply/patch:31: trailing whitespace.  
.git/rebase-apply/patch:106: trailing whitespace.

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