[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15762] Thunar tree pane becomes out of sync and uses 100% CPU

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Wed Aug 7 15:47:03 CEST 2019


--- Comment #2 from haarp <main.haarp at gmail.com> ---
Ok, I can now reproduce this bug, at leat on my setup. I think the trigger is a
race condition in combination with symlinked directories.

I have a directory /home/haarp/foo/bar/baz/. /home/haarp/foo is a symlink to
/home/haarp/Private/foo/. /home/haarp/Private is an ecryptfs mount. I have a
GTK bookmark to /home/haarp/foo/bar/baz/.


1. Close all Thunar windows/processes
2. Open the bookmark (via places plugin in panel)

Two possible things may now happen.

3a. Thunar opens, the main view and sidebar show /home/haarp/foo/bar/baz/,
everything is fine.

3b. Thunar opens, the main view shows /home/haarp/foo/bar/baz, the sidebar is
stuck at /home/haarp/foo/bar/ or even /home/haarp/foo/ and refuses to follow
deeper. The bug has triggered. 100% CPU usage will follow when attempting to
traverse even deeper.

Start over at 1 to either trigger or not trigger the bug.

Where do I best start to debug this?

I will test the patch you mentioned shortly.

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