[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 14437] Thunar Bulk Renamer has a start limit (9999) to rename by number

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--- Comment #3 from Tomas Senabre <tomas.senabre at gmail.com> ---
Hi Alex and thanks for your reply,
I work with a large number of files, each of these files contains the results
of analysis of a laboratory sample. The sample numbers are like a name never
repeated and the files grow over the years. Currently, we are registering
samples above the 12000 number.
When I receive, for example, 50 files of an instrument and I have to rename
them in a massive way to assign a sample number to each one of them. For this
reason I came across this limitation. For example:

It is very rare that someone has to rename more than 10,000 files at once, but
I think it is not so strange that the name of these files is above four digits.

I have solved the problem by adding the thousands digits to the text field, I
attach a screenshot so you can see the result.

At first when I wrote this BUG, ​​I did not see this possibility, and I thought
about adapting the code so that the numerical value entered in "start with" is
added to the current four-digit counter, but now I do not know if it is
interesting to make changes in the code

I do not know if you understand me because my English is very poor

Thanks for your time

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