[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 14956] Add support for CTRL+Z in dialog boxes

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Thu Dec 13 17:48:43 CET 2018


--- Comment #2 from patrice <patrice.dumas at yahoo.fr> ---

I agree with your comment. Because some standard shortcuts works, I didn't know
if CTRL+Z disable is a bug or not. 

When you want to rename a file whit Thunar, the filename without extension is
selected, so, if you accidentally hit a key on keyboard (instead arrows keys)
before unselect the filename, the filename is erased. It is in this way that I
tryed CTRL+Z to undo erase operation.

If this shortcut disable is not a dysfunction, I let you discuss if it is a
good idea.  It is conceivable that it is not reasonable to add all features
suggested by users and designers must maintain a certain coherence.

Best regards.

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