[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 13553] Feature request [Thunar], Display fileSize in icon view.

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--- Comment #2 from alexxcons <acs82 at gmx.de> ---
The motivation is to have a maximum number of files on the screen together with
some information on each file ( size / date / time )
The current detailed-view is not the best solution here, since alot of space is
not used at all.

Nautilus already has this feature on it's detailed view.

Another option to have the a better overview could be to have multiple columns
in the detailed-view

In any case, this feature should be configurable.
Either configurable extra-info below filename ( size / date / time / ..) in
Or configurable number of columns in the detailed view.

Attached an email-conversation which helped me to figure out what exactly is

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