[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 7845] Shortcuts are started when keys are pressed, not when they are released.

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I also think that this is a missing feature and I would love to see it in Xfce.

(In reply to Olivier Fourdan from comment #32)
> Which is exactly why I reckon using a single modifier as a shortcut is
> wrong, modifiers are, as their name implies, to modify the behavior of other
> keys.
I don't think that it matters whether using only a modifier key as a shortcut
seems wrong on a superficial level or not. While not allowing this might look
like a senseful design decision on a purely theoretical level, there are
clearly many people who would like to use this feature and have used it
productively outside of Xfce for a long time. I would argue that, at the end of
the day, the DE is there to provide users with a good working environment and
that this is is more important.

(In reply to Olivier Fourdan from comment #35)
> That wouldn't make much difference, you'd get the menu open on the key
> release (instead of key press) while defining another shortcuts using the
> same modifier.
> There is no centralized shortcut management in X11, every app is free to
> grab keys (including modifiers) and do whatever they want with them, so
> there is no real "fix" for this, triggering actions on key press or key
> release doesn't change that problem.
As far as I can see this doesn't really matter, because the desktop environment
is responsible for keyboard shortcuts. There should not be a problem in
exercising some control over which key presses are registered as shortcuts and
which aren't. The portion of Xfce that is responsible for keyboard shortcuts
then becomes this "centralized shortcut management".

Some approaches have already been stated. Here is what I thought of:

* Shortcuts for single modifier keys (e.g. only Super, or only Alt) are
executed on key release.

* Shortcuts for single or multiple modifier keys in combination with a single
normal key (e.g. Super+A, or Alt+F1) are executed on key press for the normal
key. You could query for the normal key first, and only then look if the
necessary modifier key is held during the press).

* Shortcuts for single or multiple modifier keys in combination with multiple
normal keys (e.g. Super+Left+Up) are executed on key press for "the last"
normal key that is pressed. This essentially follows the same rules as the
previous situation; you look for one of the normal keys and then consecutively
check if all necessary other keys (including the modifier key) are held during
the press.

The last point might sound strange at first, but it would enable more intuitive
controls for window tiling. For example, you could use Super+Up+Right to tile a
window to the upper right corner.

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