[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 12940] New: Drop-down terminal is restored as normal when opening a new session

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Sat Nov 5 13:53:59 CET 2016


            Bug ID: 12940
           Summary: Drop-down terminal is restored as normal when opening
                    a new session
    Classification: Xfce
           Product: Xfce4-session
           Version: 4.12.0
          Hardware: PC (x86_64)
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: trivial
          Priority: Medium
         Component: General
          Assignee: xfce-bugs at xfce.org
          Reporter: arch.scar at gmail.com
        QA Contact: bjt23 at cornell.edu
                CC: benny at xfce.org, nick at xfce.org
  Target Milestone: Xfce 4.12

I know it is only a minor thingy, but I prefer to signal it.

Since xfce4-terminal is able to use the "--drop-down option", I always use it
instead of installing another app for having a drop-down terminal.

However, when the option "Automatically save session on logout" (or something
similar, sorry, my locale is not english) is activated in
xfce4-session-settings, and I have an active drop-down terminal on logout, it
is restored as a normal one.
(Without the drop-down flag)

In the list of the running  processes it is correctly registered as
"xfce4-terminal --drop-down".
In the same time, in the "xfce4-session-settings", under the session tab, the
same process number is registered as "Xfce terminal".

Is it possible, that the session registers it in a wrong way?

It happens with 

Linux hostname 4.8.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 31 18:51:30 CET 2016 x86_64

xfce4-session 4.12.1-4
xfce4-terminal 0.8.1-1

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