[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 12260] Thunar crash on cut/paste multiple files

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Sat Mar 26 00:41:05 CET 2016


--- Comment #25 from slumbergod <slumbergod at outlook.com> ---
If anyone has any updates on whether Thunar under 16.04 LTS beta 2 is
experiencing the crashing issues can you please post here. This thread seems to
be the only public place people post news on this ongoing issue. 

Xubuntu 15.04 was the last version with a stable thunar/glib for me and,
curiously, the release notes for 16.04 seem to point to very old bug reports
rather than the current ones like this one.

And, of course, asking people associated with the dev team often invites
flaming so I am hesitant to even ask here.

I have given up hope that these stability issues will be resolved anytime soon
but I would like to know whether a clean install of 16.04 is going to take me
back to the instabilities of 15.10. I love xfce and wouldn't use anything else
but I don't want to move to newer versions that kill thunar.

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