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André Miranda <andre42m at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from André Miranda <andre42m at gmail.com> ---
I was able to find these occurrences of "i.e." in thunar's source:

thunar-location-button.c:137:  /* the current icon state (i.e. accepting drops)
thunar-job.c:167:   * @file_list, i.e. it can reuse the @infos list and just
thunar-renamer-dialog.c:1787: * Returns %TRUE if the @renamer_dialog is
standalone, i.e.
thunar-shortcuts-model.c:1883: * as @path. I.e., can we drop data at that
location. @path does not have to exist;
thunar-renamer-model.c:1070: * can be renamed, i.e. if no conflict exist and
thunar-standard-view.c:559:   * @initial_text (i.e. if the user types "/" into
thunar-standard-view.c:1433:       * to update the selection everytime (i.e.
closing a window with a lot of
thunar-file-monitor.c:90:   * i.e. because Thunar noticed that it was removed
from disk, it is not
thunar-launcher.c:1179:      /* check if we're in a regular view (i.e.
current_directory is set) */
"and media (i.e. how cameras should be handled)."));
thunar-standard-view.h:116:   * the last (and default) zoom-level for the view
classes (i.e. in
thunar-enum-types.h:58: * The style used to display dates (i.e. modification
dates) to the user.
thunar-enum-types.h:78: * @THUNAR_COLUMN_MIME_TYPE     : mime type (i.e.
thunar-enum-types.h:83: * @THUNAR_COLUMN_TYPE          : file type (i.e. 'plain
text document').

Most of them are incorrect, here is a small explanation:

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