[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 10217] Xflock4 doesn't knows about actual lockers

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--- Comment #22 from Simon Steinbeiss <ochosi at xfce.org> ---
What annoys me a bit to be honest is that we currently have locking settings in
the session manager settings and in xfce4-power-manager.

If the settings in the session manager will be improved, I guess it would make
sense to consolidate them there and simply don't show locking stuff in xfpm
(e.g. "lock on suspend"), at least if xfce4-session is running / available.

Guido, what you propose is very much up my alley (adding a simple xfconf
option), however, given the commotion surrounding Xubuntu's switch to
light-locker by default and seeing what avenues simple (and sometimes quite
unexperienced and ignorant) users take to install other lockers/screensavers,
I'm wondering whether some autodetection (in addition to providing a simple way
for the distributor to preset a locker) wouldn't hurt.
What I have in mind is something that works pretty much like the preferred apps
dialog, where users can switch to other screensavers choosing from a list but
also enter a custom command. (The default set by the distributor would be
listed there as well obviously.)

As a second step we could take a look the various bugreports surrounding xflock
and xfpm-locking and consider whether to implement options/settings for some of
the lockers. E.g. when a dead simple locker is used that has no screensaver
integrated, it might be nice to fade to black and decrease the X11 DPMS
settings (and resetting that of course upon unlock/wakeup).

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