[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 8590] use gnome-keyring for ssh and gpg if running anyway

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--- Comment #6 from brian at interlinx.bc.ca ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Have you actually read bug #8014, it's described in detail there.

Yes, I did read it all, thank you very much.

> > I wonder if it even starts the gpg and ssh agents in gnome-keyring and I
> > wonder if it does start them, are the standalone gpg-agent and/or ssh-agent
> > specifically not started by xfce's xinitrc, as my patch does.  I'm
> > suspecting that's not the case.
> Yes it is the case, it starts all keyring modules.

Hrm.  Unfortunately you quoted two questions with one answer so your answer is
ambiguous.  I think it's saying that it starts gnome-keyring with it's built-in
ssh and gpg agents as well as starting the standalone gpg and/or ssh agent
programs.  If that's the case, that is overkill and the gpg and/or ssh agents
are not needed when running gnome-keyring's ssh and gpg agents.

> The patch cleans that obsolete stuff up and allows GNOME/KDE-only desktop
> files to be easily activated on demand.

Right, but as far as I understand it starts all of the xdg autostart modules
for GNOME.  I don't (think I) want any of those.  I don't currently have gnome
compatibility enabled right now and apart from my patch to use
gnome-keyring-daemon instead of ssh-agent or gpg-agent and a small hack to
provide dbus signals for multimedia keys I don't have any deficiencies, so
ultimately I don't think I am looking for GNOME compatibility.

> GNOME compatibility then boils down
> to initializing GNOME keyring.

Then why call it GNOME compatibility.  To me at least, the term "GNOME
compatibility" implies a lot more than simply running the gnome-keyring-daemon.

> Again, all described in bug #8014.

Which does seem to imply that all GNOME autostart'd services are used. 
Unfortunately it's pretty ambiguous as to what that could all entail.

In summary, my patch here doesn't have any implications of a "GNOME
compatibility".  It simply utilizes the gnome-keyring if it's already running
anyway, since some distros launch it from pam if it exists -- regardless of
what desktop one might be using.

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