[Xfce-bugs] review granted: [Bug 8252] Optimization for print_version()-Call : [Attachment 4030] Patch including a testcase and in-depth time-analysis

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Sat Dec 17 17:56:44 CET 2011

FRIGN <debian at frign.de> has granted  review:
Bug 8252: Optimization for print_version()-Call

Attachment 4030: Patch including a testcase and in-depth time-analysis

------- Additional Comments from FRIGN <debian at frign.de>
Good day.

This is my first contribution to the Xfce-Project enhancing the
print_version()-function in main.c.

I included a patch to this report and all information including a testcase and
detailed timing-analysis.

Generally, the patch reduces the g_print()-calls to one and makes use of
GString and other GTK-Based functions/typedefs/types, integrating the code more
into GTK+.

The patch applies to parts of the file at xfwm4->src->main.c.

Best regards


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