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------- Comment #7 from thomchristy at gmail.com  2008-03-03 14:28 UTC -------
Just a note of thanks here to Mr. Mike Massonet - I appreciate your timely
input and useful instruction.  As it happened, yesterday afternoon (before
receiving your reply) I noticed for the first time a small unmarked box on the
opening splash page of Kubuntu that, when clicked, opens into a list of boot-up
options.  Until then, Xfce would dominate the boot, and as a result shut off
some KDE utilities I would have otherwise tried to deploy in order to disable
Xfce.  I am grateful also to you for including the link to discover more about
KDE and its diverse functionalities. Yours is the sort of on-target-appropriate
clear thinking that one can only hope for after all attempts to resolve an
issue "on one's own" have proven ineffective. You were able to read beyond my
frustration (apologies to Brian & Alexander!) to answer the issues I was as yet
(apparently) unable to adequately frame.  Best regards ~ thomchristy at gmail.com

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