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------- Comment #4 from thomchristy at gmail.com  2008-03-02 21:00 UTC -------
Thanks again for your prompt reply. I beg to differ with your conclusion,
however.  IMHO, any software that does not CLEARLY leave its user the OPTION
(once installed) to UNINSTALL IT  or - in some useful and convenient way -
revert to their computer's (otherwise 100% functional) setup before their
software was installed HAS A SERIOUS BUG STILL PRESENT in its scheme of
operation... and in fact (in a real sense) does HARM to the overall experience
of an individual attempting to use his computer productively.  I have wasted a
the better part of a week trying to figure out both XFCE and how to get it
removed from my computer, but - as an experimental user of new softwares - the
possibility of such downtimes sort of goes with the territory, and I lose no
sleep over it.  I do, however, take exception to what surely seems an overtly
defensive, unimaginative, self-serving attitude on your part, wherein you seem
totally unable to even consider the possibility that there "might" be something
lacking in your project's product.  Why would I want to ask the UBUNTU people
about this issue, when their installation on my machine was working just fine
before I installed the Xfce software packages?  The truth is, you have been NO
HELP at all, sir, and I will neither trouble you further nor bother with any
additional wasted attempts at using Xfce, nor will I recommend (but rather warn
against) the Xfce approach to anyone in conversations about Linux
possibilities.  In fact, at this point, it will be a refreshing joy to
reinstall the Kubuntu 7.01 suite from scratch on my machine, as it now appears
that is what it will take to finally GET RID of XFCE.

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