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------- Comment #2 from thomchristy at gmail.com  2008-03-02 01:32 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Sorry, but this has nothing to do with Xfce per se.  You should seek help in an
> Ubuntu-related forum.

Hello Brian, and thanks for your prompt reply. Your view may be true, yet I was
merely hoping someone with experience with Xfce might know how to go about
uninstalling it, or at least how to "turn it off" so as to be able to boot back
to regular KDE desktop, or reset a preference.  I doubt that Xfce deleted KDE
desktop, but more likely set a directive somewhere to boot to itself.

I am not a programmer, so just asking if anyone who might have encountered this
situation before might know whether there is perhaps something pertinent I can
type in Terminal to make my laptop revert to KDE... whether there might be some
simple ploy like that to try.

Thanks -

thomchristy at gmail.com

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