[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 4239] Xfce by default has no terminal option in the desktop

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------- Comment #3 from gregorypierce at mac.com  2008-07-21 15:25 UTC -------
1) The distro doesn't install XFCE - it is installed by the user using apt-get.
I'm assuming that the Xfce project is the one that architects the apt
repository. If that is incorrect then I will file this as a bug with the apt

2) You can log out, restart, and shutdown and when you do you will get back to
the same situation as gdm will start xfce as soon as the machine is ready.

3) Is a valid solution for people who know something about Linux and don't rely
on the desktop as most users do.

4) Again, if the functionality is there to actually open a terminal in the
downloaded Xfce, how would a person know this when the install the core
application from apt? When you right click on the desktop you will get
{Settings, Accessories, Network, Help, About, Quit}. Nothing in settings
addresses it, nothing in accessories talks about the terminal/xterm etc (so to
the user - does it exist?), Network speaks to Lynx which is an application that
is called out - so why wouldn't terminal be called out - lynx is of far less
importance than being able to get to the command line, etc.

So that's why I don't agree. Functionality for the terminal should be obvious
and accessible. The only way to get terminal to show up is to download another
apt package and if you don't grab that one by default you are left with a
situation that a novice/normal user will be lost in because they won't see a
clear way to get back to a terminal to remedy the problem. I can certainly
understand that you may disagree, but this is low-hanging fruit that would make
life MUCH easier for people who are unfamiliar with Xfce or Linux in general.

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