[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 4675] Feature Request: add an apply button when selecting font for all appz that have a font selection option

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--- Comment #2 from khwerz at gmail.com  2008-12-03 19:42:36 UTC ---
(sry for not explaining a bit)
well whichever application that has the ability to change fonts (Terminal is
the most that i use, but most can have the selection), when you try to change a
font you select a new font and yes theres a little example of the font.. but
that isn't enough because some fonts go about and sort of merge or you can see
dots because they're too big or whatnot, all that i ask is that there's an
Apply button which applies the new font selection and the font selection window
doesn't close,so one can keep checking and see which fonts are actually
viewable, then that would save a lot of time.

how to do it? i really don't have the slightest idea since i am not a
font selection comes up 
change the font
click apply button
(window doesn't close :D)
and if you don't like it then you can keep searching for what doesn't burn
you're eyes

well i hoped i explained it better, its possible right?

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