[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 3667] apps launched from xfce might appear on the wrong screen

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------- Comment #16 from benny at xfce.org  2007-11-15 19:32 UTC -------
I had time to look into gdk now, and just discovered that gdk_spawn_on_screen()
calls gdk_spawn_make_environment_for_screen() to modify the DISPLAY variable in
the child environment (as I would have expected it to be). So, there's no need
to patch thunar-vfs, since it's done in GDK. If that doesn't work properly, try
to figure out what's wrong. According to the ChangeLog, the fix in GDK is
present since 2003:

        * gdk/x11/gdkspawn-x11.c:
        (gdk_spawn_make_environment_for_screen): private function
        to create an environment vector with DISPLAY set appropriately
        for the screen.

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