[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 3164] font size too small after upgrade to 4.4.1

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------- Comment #16 from jakub at gentoo.org  2007-05-25 15:36 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #15)
> But the same solution can be used to change the default 96dpi value if it's too
> much of a problem. 

> How better is it to blindly use the (wrong) computed DPI value instead of
> setting a (more sensitive) value of 96dpi by default?

Shrug... you are setting an arbitrarily picked-up value as default for
everyone; how does this make sense? Or, how's 96dpi any more sensitive than a
value (possibly) miscomputed by X server/drivers? It's definitely not any more
sensitive for people w/ 75dpi or 135dpi or whatever else. (FWIW, I tested this
on 3 boxes and couldn't find a single one where 96 would be a correct DPI

> People complain when removed, so it's back. You may choose to not install the
> file containing the default value so that the (wrong, for now) computed DPI
> applies, but I believe it should default to 96dpi in mainstream, just not to
> confuse users.

Well, users sure will be equally confused and file bugs about ill defaults when
there's nothing wrong with their drivers and yet they get huge/tiny fonts.

Why not just leave this commented out with an appropriate comment about broken
drivers - plus it would be useful to identify which ones are broken first,
because none of the two mentioned in Comment #4 appear to suffer from this
issue here, nor do nVidia proprietary drivers, nor does xf86-video-i810.
There's no useful into wrt this in Comment #0, nor in the Xfce forum thread
referred to there.

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