[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 3164] font size too small after upgrade to 4.4.1

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------- Comment #1 from fourdan at xfce.org  2007-04-20 08:33 UTC -------
Forcing the DPI was removed, and that's on purpose. The environment should not
force an arbitrary DPI value.

The DPI of the screen should be automatically computed by the X server, based
on the actual screen size (taken from the monitor information using DCC) and
the resolution used.

If the fonts appear too small, that might be because:

1) You set the font too small, increase its size using Xfce settings.
2) You monitor doesn't report the correct screen size, you can fix the size in
millimeters in xorg.conf
3) The Xserver fails to retrieve the monitor size because the monitor is too

Either way, this is not a bug in Xfce. If you really want to have a fixed DPI,
you still can force a value yourself in one of the startup scripts, or from
Xorg command line.

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