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------- Comment #1 from fourdan at xfce.org  2007-04-17 19:41 UTC -------
The resolution is set by your xorg.conf file. If it's not set properly, xfce
will do no magic.

Xorg is able to determine what resolution to use based on the DCC data from the
monitor, and matches that with the resolutions supported by the video card.

Please direct you call to the Xorg mailing list:

    xorg at lists.freedesktop.org

Xfce itself doesn's set the X resolution.

There is a plugin (the so called "Display plugin") that uses the XRandr
extension to allow the user to change the resolution on the fly, but this
relies on Xorg to be able to list the valid resolutions.

A simple "xrandr -q" will list the modes that Xorg is able to detect on your

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