[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 1205] libxfce4util: make dist not possible because of non-existent Makefile hook

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------- Additional Comments From lehmann at ans-netz.de  2005-11-01 21:54 UTC -------
As I said in my own reply - it works with GNU make. This can be fixed (as in
'runs with BSD make as well') by just creating an empty dist-hook-local target:

.PHONY : dist-hook-local

The examples for phony Targets in the GNU make manual are all showing that
.PHONY is used togethger with existing targets. I'm not sure how correct it is
to declare a target as phony w/o defining it. At least BSD make is strict about
that issue and just bails out. I've no idea why automake generates Makefile.in
w/o that target but defining it as a phony one. 

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