[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 922] Weird "banding" problem rendering smooth gradients in desktop backdrop and gqview

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------- Additional Comments From re2824 at safe-mail.net  2005-04-26 00:01 UTC -------

I'm running xorg 6.8.2 at 16 bit colour depth (24 bit depth causes problems for
this card, but 16 bit has always worked OK in the past). Incidentally, I've now
reproduced the same problem on another (different) machine, and I've discovered
the following:

a) It's not dependent on the graphics card/xserver - same problem with savage IX
(savage driver) and nvidia GeForce2 mx400 (nv driver).

b) I only get the problem at 16-bit colour depth (24-bit colour depth on the
nvidia machine works fine).

c) At 16-bit, the following apps render OK: gimp, eog, gthumb, firefox,
epiphany, gnome-desktop. The following apps do *not* render OK: gqview,

Would x.org logs and xdpyinfo output help?


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