ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.9.90 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Fri Mar 4 10:41:35 CET 2022

xfdashboard 0.9.90 is now available for download from

What is xfdashboard?

xfdashboard provides a GNOME shell dashboard like interface for use with
Xfce desktop. It can be configured to run to any keyboard shortcut and
when executed provides an overview of applications currently open
enabling the user to switch between different applications. The search
feature works like Xfce's app finder which makes it convenient to search
for and start applications.


Release notes for 0.9.90
xfdashboard-0.9.90 "Before it is too late" was released on 2022-03-04.

This is a release candidate for upcoming stable version 1.0.0.

* New feature: Added a new property "visibility", which is stylable,
  to XfdashboardActor, so each actor inherits this new stylable
  property. This stylable property controls if an actor should be
  visible if requested to using clutter_actor_show(). Setting
  "visibility" to false is similar to "display: none;" for CSS of
  HTML while setting it to true will allow the actor to be shown.
* Fixed compiler warning about "'__atomic_load' discards 'volatile'
  qualifier" in g_once_* functions of Glib which was changed in
  releases since 2.66.3
* Prepared for newer libxfce4util (version 4.17.2 or higher) which
  changed function xfce_append_quoted to xfce_g_string_append_quoted
* Updated translations:
  be, bg, ca, da, de, el, es, et, eu, fr, gl, he, id, it, ja, ko, lt,
  nb, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, sl, sq, sr, sv, tr, zh_CN

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