ANNOUNCE: xfce4-dev-tools 4.15.1 released

Romain Bouvier skunnyk at
Mon Nov 2 21:26:46 CET 2020

xfce4-dev-tools 4.15.1 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-dev-tools?

The Xfce Development Tools are a set of scripts and m4/autoconf macros
that ease build system maintenance.


Release notes for 4.15.1
[Please note that this is a development release.]

Various improvements to the helpers introduced in 4.15.0,
cleanup of xdt-autogen code (thanks to Gaƫl Bonithon), various fixes for
our CI.

- get-translations: Fix line wrapping
- xdt-autogen: Various small improvements
- xdt-autogen: Properly handle whitespaces in filenames
- xdt-autogen: Use sed instead of tr to replace strings
- Updates
- xfce-build: Add libclutter-1.0-dev for xfdashboard build
- Update .gitignore
- helpers: Use blank line for tags message
- helpers: Reuse release notes from NEWS for tag message
- helpers: Simplify xfce-update-news
- helpers: Do not strip NEWS blank line at EOF
- helpers: Install xfce-do-release
- xfce-build: Add depend for mousepad (Fixes #37)
- helpers: Add do-release helper and Readme
- xfce-build: Install python3 version of distutils-extra
- helpers: Make get-translations executable
- get-translations: Remove last comma
- get-translations: Correctly get locale from commit messages
- xfce-build: Replace build-dep with package names

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