ANNOUNCE: xfwm4 4.13.2 released

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sat May 18 16:15:54 CEST 2019

xfwm4 4.13.2 is now available for download from

What is xfwm4?

Xfce's window manager.


Release notes for 4.13.2
[Please note that this is a development release.]

 - Fix flickering with GLX backend (bug #14564, bug #13519)
 - Fix monitor geometry with scaled UI (bug #14566)
 - Fix issue with Android Virtual Device emulator (bug #12206)
 - Fix XI2 mask (bug #14695, Timo Teras)
 - Fix preview with shaded windows (bug #14899)
 - Fix tabwin placement with scaled UI (bug #14931, Jonas Zetterberg)
 - Add xfconf setting for selecting permanent vblank method
 - Fix maximization with GTK clients using size increments (bug #13954)
 - Add style class to tabwin modes (Andre Miranda)
 - Fix crash/stack smash in startup-notification on some architectures
   (bug #15028, Martin Husemann)
 - Avoid crash with button layout setting (bug #14606)
 - Raise on activate only with raise-on-focus (bug #14656)
 - Fix use after release of client picture with hidden (bug #14990)
 - Fix monitor output size update (bug #15085)
 - Allow transients to be minimized (bug #14953)
 - Raise all transients together (bug #15303)
 - Fix menu alignment with scaled UI (Jason Zaman)
 - Fix a regression where the client would remain visible if closed
   cycling (bug #15318)
 - Withdraw the frame before the client window (bug #15061)
 - Revert to GLX as default vblank method (bug #15325)
 - Reduce repaint timeout (bug #14335)
 - Fix support for 1bpp icons
 - Use cairo for pixmaps and masks
 - Allow hiding windows using NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN (bug #15356,
   pnd23 at
 - Fix size increment with scaled UI
 - Various compositor improvements and optimizations with GLX
 - Check for appropriate XSync version and increase xfwm4 priority
 - Adjust zoom update based on monitor refresh rate (bug #15391,
 - Fix window type for broken clients (bug #15399)
 - Fix pointer enter/leave with decoration buttons (bug #14741)
 - New default theme
 - I18n: Update translations: ar, ast, be, bg, bn, ca, cs, da, de, el,
   en_AU, en_CA, en_GB, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, he, hr, hu, id, is, it, ja,
   kk, ko, lt, lv, ms, nb, nl, nn, oc, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru, sk, sl,
   sq, sr, sv, th, tr, ug, uk, ur, ur_PK, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW

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