ANNOUNCE: xfce4-session 4.13.3 released

Simon Steinbeiss simon at
Sun Jun 30 23:03:59 CEST 2019

xfce4-session 4.13.3 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-session?

The Xfce session manager controls the loading of applications when Xfce
is started. It also handles logging out, shutting down, and rebooting.


Release notes for 4.13.3
- Reset font-size of logout dialog to default (Bug #15505)
- Report optional dependency on polkit (Bug #12761)
- Read data from correct group when editing autostart entry (Bug
- Improve layout of autostart add/edit dialogs
- Improve column layout of autostart tab (Bug #15448)
- settings: Fix crash when terminating programs (Bug #15489)
- Translation updates:
  Belarusian, Danish, English (Australia), Finnish, French, German,
  Hebrew, Hungarian, Kazakh, Malay, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian),

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