ANNOUNCE: xfwm4 4.13.3 released

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sun Jun 30 16:59:59 CEST 2019

xfwm4 4.13.3 is now available for download from

What is xfwm4?

Xfce's window manager.


Release notes for 4.13.3
[Please note that this is a development release.]

- Update CSS for tabwinb only on theme change (Viktor Odintsev)
- HiDPI: Use GTK3 scaling attributes for window titles (Viktor
- HiDPI: Adjust default theme with scale
- Fix initial pointer location when zooming
- Fix double-click distance setting (Adam K)
- Allow the top of the frame to be cropped when maximised (Adam K,
  bug #14470)
- Update default theme to use maximized cropping
- Fix build without compositor (bug #15432)
- Improved GLX support with NVIDIA proprietary/closed source driver
  (bug #15453)
- Compositor updates with GLX
- Small optimization with zoom on GLX
- Increase X11 client priority of xfwm4
- Change default compositor background to plain black
- Fallback to resource class name for icons (Iharob Al Asimi, bug
- Clear shortcut in settings-dialog when removed (bug #12802)
- Remove icons from window menu
- Fix regression with maximized window (bug #15638)
- I18n: Update translations: bg, ca, cs, da, de, es, fr, gl, hr, hu,
  hy_AM, id, ie, it, lt, ms, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, sr, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW

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