ANNOUNCE: tumbler 0.2.2 released

Ali Abdallah ali at
Sat Sep 8 11:10:52 CEST 2018

tumbler 0.2.2 is now available for download from

What is tumbler?

Tumbler is a D-Bus service for applications to request thumbnails for
various URI schemes and MIME types. It is an implementation of the
thumbnail management D-Bus specification described on

written in an object-oriented fashion using GLib and GObject. Its
modular architecture makes it very flexible and useful in many
situations. It provides plugin interfaces for extending the URI schemes
and MIME types for which thumbnails can be generated as well as

for replacing the storage backend that is used to store the thumbnails
on disk. Tumbler's functionality can also be extended via specialized
thumbnailer services implemented in accordance to the thumbnail
management D-Bus specification.

Tumbler is used in Thunar, Xfce and MeeGo.


Release notes for 0.2.2
- Added check to avoid generating thumbnails for sparse video and 
images files, that was causing high cpu and memory load. Especially 
when downloading large video files, that are pre-allocated on disk 
sparsely but have not yet enough video frames to get a thumbnail 
from (bug #12259). 
- Use hash table to avoid scanning xdg user path twice when searching 
for desktop thumbnailers.
- Close desktop thumbnailers directory when done from it.
- Accept network paths in ffmpeg thumbnailer plugin.
- Use pkg-config to find FreeType > 2.9.1.
- Translation Updates: Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Greek and
 English (Australia).

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