ANNOUNCE: thunarx-python 0.4.0 released

Adam Plumb adamplumb at
Thu Nov 30 15:39:00 CET 2017

thunarx-python 0.4.0 is now available for download from

What is thunarx-python?

Python bindings for the Thunar Extension Framework


Release notes for 0.4.0
This release updates thunarx-python to work with the new thunarx-3
framework from Thunar v1.7.0.  As of this release, Gtk+3 and PyGObject 3
are required, and the dependencies for PyGTK2/Gtk+2 are dropped.  There
have been some breaking changes in the way thunarx-python extensions are
written, so please check out the new examples and documentation to see
how things have changed.

Thanks go to André Miranda for working with me to update Thunar
extension framework and fix some minor issues.

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