ANNOUNCE: xfce4-appfinder 4.13.0 released

Andre Miranda andre42m at
Tue Aug 15 01:07:46 CEST 2017

xfce4-appfinder 4.13.0 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-appfinder?

The Xfce application finder is a program that searches your file system
for .desktop files, and displays a categorized list of all the GUI
applications on your system.


Release notes for 4.13.0
I'm glad to announce the first development version of xfce4-appfinder
targeting Xfce 4.14.

- Port to GTK+3. (Thanks to Eduard Roccatello!)
- Update app icons to new standard names.
- Fuzzy search matching (Bug #10393).
- Translation updates: Amharic, Arabic, Asturian, Catalan, Czech,
  Danish, German, Greek, English (Australia), Spanish, Finnish,
  French, Galician, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic,
  Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian
  Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
  Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese
  Chinese (Taiwan)

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