Fwd: ANNOUNCE: garcon 0.4.0 released

Peter de Ridder peter at xfce.org
Sat Feb 28 19:59:37 CET 2015

garcon 0.4.0 is now available for download from


What is garcon?

Garcon is an implementation of the freedesktop.org menu specification
replacing the former Xfce menu library libxfce4menu. It is based on
GLib/GIO only and aims at covering the entire specification except for
legacy menus.


Release notes for 0.4.0
Most of the important changes were in 0.3.0, so not many in this final

- Update intltool (bug #8930)
- Fix menu icons for misconfigured desktop files (Bug 10709)
- Add case insensitive sorting to the menu (bug #10594)
- Don't force URLs to be opened in a web browser (bug #10212)
- Translation updates: ast, bg, de, el, eo, es, fr, he, nb, pl, sk, te
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