ANNOUNCE: xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.4 released

Harald Judt h.judt at
Mon Nov 3 07:42:01 CET 2014

xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.4 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-weather-plugin?

A weather plugin for the Xfce desktop environment


Release notes for 0.8.4
This release is a stable, bug-fix release, but it also contains a few
new features, see the detailed change log below. Note that 0.8 is now in
maintenance mode, which means no new features will be added, and it will
only receive bug fixes and API updates (as long as feasible and not
requiring a complete rewrite). A new version 0.9 will eventually appear,
similar to the existing plugin but with more exciting features and
improvements, using openweathermap as weather provider and gtk3, but
development has not even started yet.

Many thanks to Eric Koegel, Issa and Greg Dietsche for contributing
patches, to various people helping with testing and to the many people
spending a lot of work translating the plugin into your local language.


Detailed release notes
- Improve UI feedback when resetting weather data
- Show API deprecation warnings in the details tab of the summary
  window instead of the standard output
- Support upower-0.99 (bug #10922)
- Use locationforecastLTS-1.2 API (bug #10916)
- Add code to handle proxy authentication (bug #10820)
- Remove code dealing with laptop lid open/close (bug #10330)
- Show astrodata in forecast day header tooltip in summary window
- Fetch and cache astronomical data for multiple days
- Add a button for opening/creating the user icon themes directory in
  the config dialog
- Sort icon themes by path names (user themes are listed first)
- Correct spelling of precipitation (bug #9938)
- Context menu: Resolve mnemonic conflict for Refresh and Remove
  (bug #9911)
- Summary window: Fix clock not updating properly (bug #9933)
- Fix wind direction translation (bug #9895)
- Make using only a single row the default setting
- Better handle single row and icon size in various panel modes
- Fix text color not being remembered over restarts
- Build system cleanups and dependency bumps
- Many translation updates

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