ANNOUNCE: xfce4-session 4.11.0 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Sun Feb 23 00:03:30 CET 2014

xfce4-session 4.11.0 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-session?

The Xfce session manager controls the loading of applications when Xfce
is started. It also handles logging out, shutting down, and rebooting.


Release notes for 4.11.0
[Please note that this is a development release.]
- Remove gnome-keyring remains.
- Remove xfce environment functions and use glib.
- Add shutdown/reboot functionality for systemd (bug #8729).
- Fix duplicated accelerators.
- Use the async spawn function of glib.
- Store the watch function id to avoid possible double free (bug #9709)
- Translation updates: Amharic, Arabic, Asturian, Azerbaijani,
  Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Bengali (India), Catalan (Valencian),
  Czech, Danish, German, Dzongkha, Greek, English (Australia), English
  (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Persian, Finnish,
  French, Galician, Gujarati, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian,
  Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian,
  Latvian, Macedonian, Marathi, Malay, Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch
  (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500), Polish,
  Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak,
  Albanian, Serbian, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Uyghur, Ukrainian,
  Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan), Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese

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