ANNOUNCE: xfce4-appfinder 4.11.0 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Sat Feb 22 23:48:50 CET 2014

xfce4-appfinder 4.11.0 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-appfinder?

The Xfce application finder is a program that searches your file system
for .desktop files, and displays a categorized list of all the GUI
applications on your system.


Release notes for 4.11.0
[Please note that this is a development release.]

- Make compilation to GTK3 optional.
- Use GDbus for communication.
- Add execute menu item to launch without closing the window.
- Add default action to open absolute paths.
- Add bookmarks in the model.
- Do nothing with the Tab event during competion (bug #10187).
- Use new xdg function to set environment.
- Translation updates: Amharic, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian,
  Bengali (India), Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish, German,
  Dzongkha, Greek, English (Australia), English (United Kingdom),
  Spanish (Castilian), Estonian, Basque, Persian, Finnish, French,
  Galician, Gujarati, Croatian, Hungarian, Armenian, Indonesian,
  Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Kazakh, Korean, Kurdish,
  Lithuanian, Macedonian, Marathi, Malay, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian
  Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
  (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish,
  Thai, Turkish, Uyghur, Ukrainian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong
  Kong), Chinese (Taiwan).

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