ANNOUNCE: midori 0.4.9 released

Christian Dywan christian at
Thu Mar 7 19:09:26 CET 2013

midori 0.4.9 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: c845ced87ee758472d8e5e2080a5b2b1d4f2d041
   MD5 checksum: d2b3c436c08022f47a0db6bca3772790

What is midori?

Native GTK+2/ GTK+3 and WebKit.
High focus on Private browsing, user scripts and customizable keyboard
Adblock, form history, cookie management, RSS feed panel, external
download managers (wget, SteadyFlow, FlashGet).


Release notes for 0.4.9
It's this time of the month again. Midori 0.4.9 is there, 3 weeks of
features and 1 week of bug fixes is the new mantra, giving everyone
higher quality as a result.

Anyone experiencing crashes on closing Adlock preferences, using
Backspace in the urlbar under the wrong circumstances or attaching the
inspector will rejoice, those buglets were resolved. Along with a
resizing issue in the news feed extension and possible loss of the saved
tab session if the disk is full.

A new extension is being developed to manage cookie accept behavior per
domain. Too late for feature freeze it's excempt from stable installs,
but interested folks can try it in a build from source, likely to be
available in the next cycle.

Midori relies on GTK+ 3.4 touchscreen support now, including kinetic
scrolling. This lets us drop extra support code and rely on the same
code used by other applications.

As a small bonus, 'Google Translate (gt)' was added to the default
search engines. Use "gt WORD" or "gt URL" to translate using Google's
translation service. You can also right-click a selected word and use
'Search with' to the same effect.

Evidently the coolest thing to announce is WebKit2 preparation - again,
preparation not full support. Indeed --enable-webkit2 will build Midori
with the multi-process API. Most non-trivial features are silently
missing but it's the first step into a shiny new world.

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