ANNOUNCE: xfce4-mixer 4.9.0 released

Guido Berhoerster guido+xfce at
Thu Sep 27 17:31:51 CEST 2012

xfce4-mixer 4.9.0 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: c1cb9f7cf8508eb42677d01f16034b14343bec3a
   MD5 checksum: ebc167adb44fea64d34c4816cfd89dad

What is xfce4-mixer?

The Mixer is a volume control application for the Xfce Desktop
Environment. It provides both a volume control plugin for the Xfce panel
and a standalone mixer application.

It supports all audio systems supported by the GStreamer project.


Release notes for 4.9.0
Changes in this release:

- Handle a negative minimal volume correctly.
- Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference.
- Do not try to destroy the mixer window twice after a delete-event
  (bug #8288).
- Modernize build system and build panel plugin as a module.
- Use standard icons where possible.
- Update the icons on theme change (bug #3498).
- Support xfce4-panel 4.10 with its deskbar mode (bug #8350).
- Use xfconf for the panel plugin configuration.
- Make the panel plugin use sensible default settings (first card,
  master track) in the absence of an existing configuration (bug
  #5716, bug #6624, bug #7125).
- Clearly indicate in the plugin when there is no valid card and/or
  element and ignore mouse wheel and mute toggle events (bug #6625,
  bug #7630).
- Avoid the deprecated GtkTooltips API and let XfceVolumeButton
  handle tooltips.
- Indicate in the plugin tooltip whether the track is muted.
- Mute a track when the volume is set to 0% and unmute when set to a
  higher value (bug #8291).
- Add an item to the panel plugin context menu for muting (bug
- Make name and description more meaningful (bug #5817).
- Do not use deprecated APIs and adjust requirements to Xfce 4.10.
- Add global keyboard shortcuts for raising and lowering the volume
  as well as muting (bug #5314).
- Set the main window to normal rather than dialog type (bug #7623).
- Keep the sound card and controls in sync between the mixer and
- Populate the mixer with whitelisted controls in the absence of an
  existing configuration (bug #4945).
- Add a popup with a scale for setting the volume to the panel
  plugin which is opened on left click, allow running the
  uder-defined command previously bound to left click from the panel
  plugin context menu instead.
- Make xfce4-mixer a singleton application, executing xfce4-mixer
  while another instance is already running brings the running
  instance to the foreground (bug #5676).
- Remove UI for configuring the mixer command from the panel plugin
  and assume xfce4-mixer, make the panel plugin context menu entry
  for running the mixer more meaningful.
- Add tooltips to scale widgets in the mixer.
- Add runtime debugging mode to both the mixer and the panel plugin.
- Add man page for xfce4-mixer.
- Handle identically named tracks by making use of the track index
- Handle tracks which are marked read-only by GStreamer or which
  have no mute or record functionality by making the corresponding
  widgets insensitive.  Prevent read-only tracks from being selected
  in the panel-plugin.
- Handle mixer changed messages which indicate that the tracks of a
  mixer have changed.
- Handle options list changed messages which indicate that the
  available options of a track have changed.
- Separate labels from track and option widgets and align labels and
  option widgets horizontally.
- Reduce the distance between faders in track widgets and ensure it
  is always the same.
- Put the chain buttons above the mute and record buttons and add
  lines to the left and right of them.
- Default to unlocked state if the volume differs between the
  channels of a track.
- Add mnemonics for all tabs and the soud card combob box of the
  mixer main window.
- Add labels with mnemonics for the soud card and track combo boxes
  of the plugin configuration dialog.
- Improve the wording of the message shown when no controls are
  visible and visually follow the layout of an alert popup.

Thanks to Natanael Copa and Harald Judt for their input.

Please note that this is a development release.

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