ANNOUNCE: xfce4-panel 4.9.1 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Fri Mar 30 21:38:45 CEST 2012

xfce4-panel 4.9.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 05085bdb1cc1eb69bb0dfa359ed72a8f50ca6d75
   MD5 checksum: b8e87fe982cba33bd16533523fec005d

What is xfce4-panel?

Xfce's panel.


Release notes for 4.9.1
[Please note that this is a development release.]

- Panel: Don't destroy window when focussed and Alt+F4 is
  pressed (bug #7378).
- Panel: Use new help function to redirect to
- Docs: Remove mallard documentation.
- Docs: Don't install the gtkrc README.
- Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297).
- Panel: Add support for pluggable dialogs.
- Panel: Save changed plugin ids if a plugin failed to load.
- Directorymenu: Fix prefered app not working without snotify
  (bug #8298).
- Launcher: Small=FALSE in deskbar mode with label visible.
- Actions: Limit size of action buttons to row size.
- Panel: Removed item size checks.
- Clock: Fixing clock orientation in vertical/deskbar mode.
- Pager: Fixing infinite loopin in the WNCK pager aspect ratio
- Pager: Fixing plugin->size updates.
- Pager: Fixed workspace ordering in the vertical mode.
- Pager: Workaround for aspect ratio error in WNCK pager in deskbar
- Pager: Changing orientation depending on the panel mode.
- Clock: Changing default value of rotate-vertically to TRUE.
- Pager: Fixed preprocessor macro.
- Pager: Removing broken workaround for aspect ratio in deskbar mode.
- Pager: Making use of a fixed libwnck version (>=2.31.0).
- Revert "Use realtime POSIX timers for the clock."
- Revert "Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297)."
- Launcher: Show the desktop file in the tooltip (bug #8536).
- Panel: Make string in about translatable (bug #8545).
- Panel: Don't ask for panel when inserting items (bug #8544).
- Panel: Reply to the caller for plugin events (bug #7365).
- Applicationsmenu: Fall-back to xfdesktop for
  xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu (bug #7365).
- Applicationsmenu: Recurse application menu selection-done gignal
  (bug #8541).
- Panel: Add (un)lock option to panel menu (bug #6980).
- Panel: Add confirmation before creating launchers from dnd
  (bug #6926).
- Applicationsmenu: Allow non-squared icons in applications button
  (bug #7381).
- Panel: Save plugin-ids when removing and moving items in ed.
- Tasklist: Bringing back 4.8 max-button-size property.
- Tasklist: Capping buttons height when button labels are visible.
- Tasklist: Reverting "ceil" to "floor" (as in 4.8).
- Actions: Query visibility and save as strings.
- Translation updates: Arabic, Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish,
  German, Esperanto, Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French,
  Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian,
  Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
  (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese
  (China), Chinese (Taiwan).

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