ANNOUNCE: xfce4-power-manager 1.0.11 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Wed Mar 28 20:09:17 CEST 2012

xfce4-power-manager 1.0.11 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: eb5926a8155c9f254ac13731ead0319d58612d9c
   MD5 checksum: 49689526853f28877b790e7d278f2de5

What is xfce4-power-manager?

This software is a power manager for the Xfce desktop, Xfce power
manager manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that
can be controlled to reduce their power consumption (such as LCD
brightness level, monitor sleep, CPU frequency scaling). In addition,
xfce4-power-manager provides a set of freedesktop-compliant DBus
interfaces to inform other applications about current power level so
that they can adjust their power consumption, and it provides the
inhibit interface which allows applications to prevent automatic sleep
actions via the power manager; as an example, the operating system’s
package manager should make use of this interface while it is performing
update operations.


Release notes for 1.0.11
- Solaris-specific code for determining the start time of a process.
- Don't attach to the status icon if libnotify >= 0.7.
- Corrected check for Solaris macros
- Fix default spin down toggle value.
- Fix a bunch of set but unused variables.
- Support NetworkManager 0.9
- Fix with openbsd.
- Fix libnotify detection of notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon.
- Fix Broken empty battery icon.
- Change backlight property type to long.
- Only dim brightness if the current level is brighter.
- Refresh adaptor icon when battery device removed.
- Optimize icons.
- Translation updates (ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, es, et, eu, fi, fr, hr,
  hu, id, is, it, ja, kk, ko, lt, nl, nn, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, sk, sv,
  te, tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW).

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