ANNOUNCE: xfce4-embed-plugin 0.8.0 released

David Schneider dnschneid at
Sun Feb 5 11:20:02 CET 2012

xfce4-embed-plugin 0.8.0 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 20e63c249f0f92cba1309b7eefdf6e98b13516a3
   MD5 checksum: 0637709ae25c31539ce915b00b9a0ff9

What is xfce4-embed-plugin?

Xfce4-embed-plugin is a plugin that enables the embedding of arbitrary
application windows into the Xfce panel. The window is resized into the
panel space available, and the associated program can be automatically
launched if it is not open.

Example uses include embedding an instant messaging buddy list, a mail
client's new mail ticker, a simple media application, or a fancy clock
or timer. Combining with Xfce's ability to auto-hide panels can make
this very convenient.


Release notes for 0.8.0
Initial release!
All known issues from the snapshots have been fixed. Some unknown issues
may have been fixed in the process.
No translations yet, which is why this is only 0.8.0.

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