[Thunar-dev] Thanks for thunar from a non-xfce user!

thunar at frundle.com thunar at frundle.com
Fri Mar 11 19:20:32 CET 2011

Dear Thunar developers,

  I'm a raptoison wm user, but every time GUI interaction would be
more efficient, I execute thunar and am on my way.  Among my tiling wm
friends, thunar seems to be the go-to spur-of-the-moment file manager.
Thanks for making it so efficient that we can open and slam it shut at

  One of the things I pop open thunar for is quick mounting of USB
devices without my personally having to mess around in FUSE or make
special ftsab entries, etc.  Is there any chance that the tools built
into thunar for automounting might be released to the wider world as
regular little executables to be run from scripts?

 Sincerely yours,
   John B.

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