[Thunar-dev] Thunar 1.0.2 endless reloads files under /home/user directory

Alexandre axelbsd at ymail.com
Wed Oct 6 14:43:16 CEST 2010


On my laptop under FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE, I have installed XFCE 4.6.2 meta
port last week, and I have noticed anything strange. When I open Thunar
1.0.2, my home directory is opened. But Thunar seems to reload and access to
a few text files, hidden files and directories (.gvfs, .cshrc...) in my
home. I can see that because the access time is increasing every second. And
the mouse pointer change continually from arrow to hourglass.
At the begining, I thought that there was my text files at the root of my
home that were problematic, but I have moved them to another directory under
my home, and the problem I always here.
At this moment, I noticed that Thunar access to hidden files and
I don't think that it is a rights problem because I have given full access
(777) to a text file that is concerned by this, and this has not resolved
the problem.

If I screen another directory, even under my home directory
(/home/Alexandre/dir1 for example), the problem disappears. But when I
screen my root's home (/home/Alexandre) the problem reappears.

I previously installed Gnome 2.30 and I haven't noticed that problem under
Nautilus. I uninstalled Gnome but keep some Gnome tools like Brasero,
Nautilus or Power Management Tools.
I haven't mounted any USB device, or NFS directory.

Here my configuration options for Thunar :
DBUS=on (default) "Enable D-BUS support"
JPEG=on (default) "Enable JPEG support"
FAM=on (default) "Enable FAM support"
HAL=on (default) "Enable HAL support"
GCONF=off (default) "Enable GCONF support"
STARTUP=on (default) "Enable startup notification support"
PLUG_APR=on (default) "Thunar Advanced Properties plugin"
PLUG_APR_EXIF=off (default) "Exif support for the APR plugin"
PLUG_SBR=on (default) "Thunar Simple Builtin Renamers plugin"
PLUG_SBR_PCRE=off (default) "Regular expression support for the SBR plugin"
PLUG_TPA=on (default) "Thunar Trash Panel Applet plugin"
PLUG_UCA=on (default) "Thunar User Customizable Actions plugin"
PLUG_WALL=on (default) "Thunar Wallpaper plugin"

Best Regards,
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