[Thunar-dev] On getting thunarx-python bindings added to the xfce project

Adam Plumb adamplumb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 18:41:44 CET 2010

The thunarx-python bindings I've written are basically complete and in good
working order.  I'm willing to maintain and improve the bindings over time,
and I'd like to have the code hosted on xfce's git repository with a
bugzilla project as well.

The code is currently being hosted on github at:

There are a few areas currently lacking in coverage.
 - thunarx.Renamer is usable, with working process and changed virtual
methods covered, however, the load, save, and get_actions virtual methods
are not yet implemented.  I'm planning to add these soon.
 - ThunarxProviderPlugin is not implemented at all and I'm not sure we want
to allow a python plugin to be able to provide it's own plugins to thunar.
This is technically possible though.

I've included a folder with working plugin examples.  FYI, the bindings
require the newly released thunar-1.1 (read: thunarx-2).

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