[Thunar-dev] Some feature suggestions

Jens Herrmann xfce at bikelab.org
Sun Apr 25 14:56:51 CEST 2010

I suppose this is the right place to get rid of some feature suggestions 
for thunar:

1. I often use temporary folders named "a", "b" etc in my home dir when 
sorting large amounts of files. Sometimes it happens that I move a 
directory "b" from a subfolder somewhere to home and "b" already exists 
there. In such case thunar moves all files from the subfolder-"b" into 
the "b" in home. This mixes a lot of files which can be hard to seperate 
again from each other. I would prefer thunar to either ask how to 
proceed or renaming the 2nd folder like "b(2)".

2. Apps I use often are Thunar, GPicView and ScanTailor. Unfortunately 
the sort order via the file name is different. Files I give a leading 
"#" (to preserve the right order in case of a pretext in a book with 
roman number notation) come before files with a leading "a" or "1" in 
thunar, but reverse in GPicView and ScanTailor. When I try to scroll 
through a number of files via double click in thunar starting GPicView, 
the sort order is messed up. Is there a standard rule for sorting files 
by their name and can this be configured by the user somewhere?

3. When I copy files from one folder into another and some of the files 
already exist the dialog "Confirm to replace files" appears. A "Skip 
all" button would make life easier here.

Jens Herrmann

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