[Thunar-dev] [SPAMKLASSAT av SU] Re: Tabs in Thunar

TW zupftom at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 19 23:14:41 CEST 2010

2010/4/19 Nick Schermer <nickschermer at gmail.com>:
> However, during the
> design of Thunar (and this has been said a zillion times before) the
> decision has been made to use single windows so the interface is
> simple and easy to understand.

Well, if it's been said a zillion times, the number of user requests
must have been at least as large ;-).

> It would of course be possible to make tabs optional, but currently we
> don't even have enough developers to finish the GIO port, so I doubt
> (from the developers' point of view) any of us is currently interested
> in doing this work.

This port is in the works?  That's great - I didn't expect that.
Though the lack of developers is of course sad, but your software is
still amazing, and I'll continue using it anyway.

2010/4/19 Mikhail Batser <mbatser at yandex.ru>:
> Wait a little until a new version of PCManFM is released and move to it.
> PCManFM has tabs, but currently it does not support trash basket. But the
> new version will.

Yes, PCManFM looks like a nice and fast lightweight file manager.  But
a bit too lightweight for my personal taste.  There are some features
that I'm missing in PCManFM.  It doesn't allow you to customize the
list columns.  As it doesn't support plugins (does it?) there aren't
such things as the media tag plugin.  I think my programming abilities
might possibly suffice to customize a plugin for my needs, but I'm not
so eager after hacking the whole file manager.

The trash basket isn't so important to me.  The most severe deficiency
is that PCManFM doesn't have decent "Open with" functionality.  There
is no File => Open with (right click is required).  Most of the time I
navigate through folders and select files with the keyboard only and
don't want to additionally move the mouse to the file and right click.
 The dialog that pops up in my opinion is far inferior to Thunar's.  I
also find Thunar's "Open with" dialog superior to Nautilus' as it
lists preferred apps first.  I can assign Ctrl+O to this dialog and
type the first letter(s) of the app I want to use - really fast and

No, I think that Thunar *is* the best file manager for me (and that
has nothing to do with its lightweightness - I would use Konqueror if
it suited my working habits better).  I like it, great work!  Looking
forward to a future version with GVFS support - and, maybe, still
further into the future, with tabs??

Thomas W.

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