[Thunar-dev] Actions extensions in File Manager

Pierre Wieser pwieser at trychlos.org
Wed Nov 25 12:16:34 CET 2009

Hi guys,

I'm the Nautilus-Actions (N-A) maintainer.
N-A is an extension to Nautilus, the Gnome file manager,
which allows (advanced) users to add their own actions
in the context menu.

This is so very similar to Konqueror Service Menus and

While N-A actions used to be stored in GConf system, which
is the general Gnome system for configuration storage, I'm
currently working on making use of desktop entry files.

I know Konqueror Service Menus makes use of desktop files,
as Thunar does in Xfce.

Do you think it would be possible, and profitable for our
users, to be able to share actions between Xfce-KDE-Gnome ?
(this would probably imply having common path, common
interpretation of desktop file keys, and so on...)

If this list is not the good one, could you be kind enough
to forward this message to the ad-hoc list ?

Thanks in advance for your opinions

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