[Thunar-dev] Time navigation Proposal for the Thunar-Developer Comunity.

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   Hello all.

   My name is Adrià Ribatallada Torelló, and I 'm a student  
of computer science at the "Technical University of Catalonia" (UPC).

   I joined your mail-list recently because of my Project's theme.

   I 'm planning to make a Flat-Time-Based File Manager.

   Let me explain.

   As you all know, human beings have a natural ability for  
understanding their environment in temporal terms. We naturally  
classify our actions in time due to our inner perception of the  
continuous succession of advancing events. So organising our actions  
in a time-line is very straightforward for all of us.

   It's nothing new to notice that we classify our actions in time  
instinctively, and that's the simple reason that explains the  
usefulness of the "time navigation". But although it's not an  
unfamiliar idea I think that it has been a little undeveloped,  
mostly in the end-user interfaces and the file managers in particular. 

   It's true that there's already some type of "temporal sort filter"  
in virtually every file manager that exists, please note that I'm not  
intending to do that but pretending to go a little much further.

   What I'm proposing is to create a file manager that neglects the  
tree structure of a given "root" directory and presents all the files  
that it contains sorted or filtered by time intervals. So with a  
calendar You will select a date or a time interval and it only will  
show the files created/modified/accessed in that time, but in the  
whole disk.. not only in a folder.

   The project can also go further, but initially that will be the  
first objective.

   As you may guess by now, I 'm planing to do that taking the Thunar  
File Manager as a base model. And here's my first question for you: do  
you think It's possible to do that with the Plug-in system of the  
Thunar? or I will have to deal with the "core" of the file manager in  
order to do that... what are the limits of the plug-ins?

   I will look forward for any comment or reply and for any suggestion  
or help any of you might have.

   Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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